You should make the first move when you are the first to realize that a move should be made. Simple enough? The days of old would surprise you. the old school had it’s way of bending convention to suit individual circumstances, if you don’t believe me start asking grandma or grandpa to tell stories. The truth is sometimes you may have the better line of sight and the other person may not have had the chance to experience what you did, so walk on over and say HELLO! Man, Woman who cares because remember you are in this for YOU and your wants and needs. If you want that beautiful person standing on the other side of the grocery store you are going to need to make a move. Carpe’ Diem


The key to remember is that no matter how long it’s been since you’ve “been out there” the fundamentals of dating never change. There is always an introduction, number exchange ( email, IM, skype etc) first conversation, first date, first love making session. The key to all of this is simple, you are looking for someone who will not take anything away from your current happiness. You are however looking for someone to fulfill a specific personal goal or set of goals. Make sure you know what you are setting out to find.  Dating is like shopping put together your list but don’t be afraid to check out the specials.

Your Love, Your Rules

August 25, 2010

People have as many opinions as there are minutes in a day. However, when it comes to your relationship you must have the final say so. The most dangerous thing you can do in a relationship is allow the viewpoints of OUTSIDERS to interfere or influence your decisions. Only you and your significant other truly know and understand your unique dynamic. Here is a free quote from yours truly “If THEY put US together, THEY can take US apart, but if WE put US together, only WE can take US apart”

Spice It Up

August 13, 2010

I’ve said it before I’ll say it again. Relationships are supposed to be fun. The moment you go throwing a whole bunch of serious junk in the way you are going to cease to have the best parts. You want spice turn off the cruise control and grab the wheel. Translation stop doing everything the same you’ve done it for years or months or weeks. Change up your style think outside the box. It the new thing doesn’t work challenge the other to try something fresh and new and be open. You never know you might actually have fun together for a change.

Checking In

August 10, 2010

One of the most flattering things a person can do is check in on a significant other or potential significant other. It shows care, concern and genuine interest when done right. When done wrong it makes you seem like a codependent, anxious, uptight control freak. This can make the other party feel smothered and eventually drive them far away. So the rule, keep it simple! 1 check in during a regular work day. Acceptable forms of check in are specific and have a viable point (brief text, brief phone call or message). Have a point if the check in is during their work day like (messages of encouragement or applause, nice sentiment or compliment) but know your position. If you are interested in starting a relationship don’t send a text saying (typical Neanderthal rhetoric like you looked so hot at the gas station) however if you are married and are looking to spice things up a little that is a perfectly fine message. Remember Lovers GPS is all about knowing where you are in the relationship and how to move things forward positively.

Progressive Questions

August 10, 2010

In order to talk to someone you must simply generate a question that solicits a response. However, to hold an effective conversation you must be able to develop the question and answer into a sharing session. Progressive questions take one idea and lead into several like the trunk of a tree into the roots for nutrients or branches for fruit.


August 10, 2010

Most relationships have talkers and listeners. If you’re a talker make sure that the other party is actually listening. Look at their body language are they leaning toward you or away. If it’s towards respect that and keep it short and sweet and then engage them. If it’s away shut up and engage them now.


August 9, 2010

The easiest way to keep someone interested in you is to show genuine interest in them. That’s all engagement is about. Pay attention to your significant other or potential significant other and just listen and reflect on the personal thoughts they share with you. Stick to that, maybe you two will stick together.